Have you ever heard the expression: a little knowledge can be a bad thing? We all surf the internet, but sometimes looking for dependable health information can be fraught with peril. Along with reliable sites are websites brimming with misinformation-- and all too frequently disinformation. Here are some web resources you can trust:

Flu Information

Influenza comes around every year. The CDC and North Dakota Department of Health have dedicated web sites regarding education about the flu.

North Dakota Department of Public Health

NDDPH is a good source for information affecting the health of North Dakotans. Health and vital statistics, public health notices, and contact information for local health departments is available.

Centers for Disease Control

The CDC website contains a wealth of information regarding infectious diseases, birth defects, immunizations as well as special advice for travelers.

Family Doctor provides a great deal of educational material regarding medical issues for all ages. Information about specific diseases as well as guidelines for healthy living are included.

Healthy Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ website for parents is Here you will find information about illness, safety and prevention for every stage of child development. If you would like a list of handoutsyou can download and print regarding your child’s growth and development, try the AAP's Bright Futures website.

Medline Plus

This excellent website, sponsored by the National Institute of Health and National Library of Medicine, covers a variety of health topics including information about prescription medication, specific considerations for the young athlete, as well as an illustrated medical encyclopedia.

Health Finder

This website is a good source for general health information, allowing you to search by topic or specific health condition. The widget below links to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion at USDepartment of Health and Human Services. If you are wondering what specific preventive health measures are recommended for you, enter your age and gender below. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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