This is how the flu looks across the country. With the exception of the District of Columbia, Oregon and Hawaii, the entire United States is reporting widespread influenza, and the case count in North Dakota continues to climb. The novel coronavirus is understandably getting a lot of attention, but don’t take your eye off the flu—the CDC estimates 10,000 flu-related deaths this season already.

Ifyouhaven’t had one, get aflu shot. If you get sick, stay home. And don’t forget that Tamiflu can help in the first 48 hours of symptoms,especiallythose patients at greater risk forcomplications such as pneumonia.

Welcome to UrgentMED

UrgentMED is located in theUniversity Medical Center

2829 University DriveSouth.

Fargo, ND 58103

(701) 232-9000

Emergency Rooms are busy places.

If you have a major medical emergency, the emergency room is the best place for you. However, there are many medical conditions which end up in the ER which can be taken care of more efficiently-- and more economically-- in an urgent care center.

UrgentMED is such a facility. Our clinic is open seven days a week, including evenings. We can take care of a wide variety of illnesses, suture lacerations, splint minor fractures and sprains, freeze warts, draw blood, take x-rays, perform sports physicals for athletes, DOT physicals for truck drivers, BasicMed physicals for pilots, and even preoperative physicals for those needing surgery-- all without the need to schedule an appointment.

If you need an emergency room, we have two excellent facilities in Fargo. If your medical need fits more appropriately with a walk-in, urgent care facility, UrgentMED is available to you.

Walk-in medical care foreveryone.

Open seven days a week in south Fargo.

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